About us


Nakh and Alyaf Apadana Company was established in 2009 by the apadana textile group with more than 25 years of experience and started working with the purpose of specialized production of acrylic yarns for use in the machine carpet industry in Zanjan province.


On one hand, the success of this company in customer satisfaction and finding a suitable position in the market as a reliable supplier, and on the other hand the increasing market demand for fine yarns by tow to the tops production process and need for tow dyeing led to to the establishment of NILPAD ABHAR company from this group in 2014 and it was put into operation in less than a year.


In the following, according to the demand for luxury machine carpets, and also the quantitative and qualitative development of our group, in 2021 we established another factory for the specialized production of microfiber yarns.


All our managers and employees constantly put quality at the top of their goals and performance and they sensitively monitor the performance of their team by using up-to-date European laboratory equipment.


Our group was founded and started operating under the name of APADANA ABHAR YARN AND FIBER in 2010, with the support of almost a quarter of a century of experience to produce all kinds of acrylic machine carpet yarn.


In 2014, the increasing market demand for fine yarns using the towing method on the one side and the dyeing process of tow fibers on the other prompted our managers to establish the NILPAD ABHAR COMPANY.


In 2021 our owners established SIMIN NAKH ZARIF Company to produce all kinds of bulk and fancy yarns with European knowledge, experience, and modern technology.


At the moment the apadana textile group with the investments and efforts made in all three companies has succeeded to achieve a great position in the field of producing all kinds of high bulk and non-bulk acrylic yarns by tow to tops method, from 21 to 72 single and multi-ply.


Our dyeing department is capable of dyeing all types of staple fibers, including acrylic and polyester, and has the most advanced laboratory equipment and dyeing machines.


Another service of this company is to carry out tow to tops operations and to supply consumable tops to other factories, which, due to its high quality and unique packaging, is considered one of the leaders in the Iran market and frees the market from the dependence of the import of tops.

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